Impeach Dick?

My congressperson wants to impeach Dick Cheney.  I don’t like most of his tactics, but I don’t see what will be accomplished by starting impeachment proceedings.  When Clinton faced them, I felt it was such a distraction and nothing truly important getting done in Congress.  The only positive side to impeachment (besides pulling him from power) is to show the rest of the world that his own citizens do not like what he has been doing.  My feeling has always been that,  for the sake of the nation, Clinton should have resigned and let Gore take over.  Who knows where we would be had Gore run against Bush as an incumbent.  Anyway, when I heard that there is an effort to impeach Cheney, all I could think of is, here we go again!


4 Responses to “Impeach Dick?”

  1. takomaparkibc Says:

    Do you believe that there is EVER any justification for impeachment? In your opinion, what would a President or Vice President have to do in order to warrant impeachment?? Do you think that maybe impeachment should just be taken out of the Constitution in order to avoid distracting the Congress? Have you ever looked at the Constitution?

  2. moodymommy Says:

    Yes, I do believe there are justifications for impeachment. Bush should have been impeached long ago for making up stuff just to finish a war his daddy started. Indeed, I have looked at the Constitution. I used to carry it around in my backpack in high school and college (yes – geek!). I am also a proud card carrying member of the ACLU (ok, I actually keep the card in a file cabinet, I just have too much stuff in my wallet!). At this point, I am jaded. Too little too late and all of that. I am grateful to those who still fight for what they think is right. Are you Takoma Park, Maryland or Washington? My mom and dad grew up next door to each other in Takoma Park, Maryland. Thanks for commenting and thanks for caring.

  3. takomaparkibc Says:

    Yes, I am in Takoma Park! Don’t get jaded – that’s what they are counting on. Everybody being too depressed, paralyzed, cynical, and plain ignorant to do anything. Other than lying us into war, he has knowingly violated laws like FISA with the warrantless wiretapping and has retaliated against critics like Joe Wilson, and thereby denied them their first amendment rights. I consider myself a moderate and normally roll my eyes when I hear people tossing around words like “fascist,” but what they are doing is really scary and if nobody does anything to stand up to them – even something small like sign a petition – they and others after them will believe they can get away with this kind of thing. I think that the whole thing about it being too late, that it would be a distraction – those area all just canards that become “conventional wisdom” that just gets repeated, just like the catch phrases that got us into war with Iraq. Don’t buy into it! Go to the video store and rent “Casablanca”!

  4. takomaparkibc Says:

    Oops I meant, yes i’m in takoma park, md.

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