Bush and Cheney have Broken my Heart

Yeah, so many of us are against this war in Iraq, but where were you before it started? I was arguing with friends and acquaintances and anyone who would listen. Everyone’s mind was made up — we have to stop Hussein!  Just because I spoke out against the war, people called me and others like me anti-American.  Back then, displaying the American flag seemed to mean that you were pro-war against Iraq (I still don’t understand that one)  I don’t do it as often as I should, but before the war started, I wrote a snail mail letter to President Bush pouring my heart out about why I did not want our country to go to war. I fantasized that someone in the White House would read my letter and it would be published in the NY Times as a testament to peace (or something sappy like that). Then others would read it and join me in persuading Bush not to pursue the war. Ok, as I said, it was a FANTASY. Anyway, back on earth, I assumed I would get some kind of form letter thanking me for expressing my opinion, and laying out Bush’s position for the war. What do you think I got instead? A big fat NOTHING! Our government doesn’t even care enough about me to respond to a heartfelt letter to the President! Well, that sends quite a message don’t you think? The message that has been sent over and over by this administration is: We don’t care what anyone else thinks. We don’t care what the facts are. We make up our own facts to try to shut you up and then we do whatever we want whenever we want. We will torture. We will ignore due process. We will ignore privacy laws. We will ignore habeus corpus. We will ignore global warming. We will ignore global suffering. We will ignore our soldiers as soon as they become injured. We will lie to recruit soldiers. We will lie to line the pockets of big business. I could go on and on. Feel free to add more. My heart is broken and I have lost my will to fight this. We have lost too much of what I have loved about the United States of America. Can we get it back? I really, really hope so. Ok, my heart is broken but I have hope. That is the best I can say about it all right now.


One Response to “Bush and Cheney have Broken my Heart”

  1. hedonisticpleasureseeker Says:

    Ah, MoodyMommy we are sad today! The good news is, we’re booting the whole party out in 2008. Bush Jr. will go down in history as being The.Worst.President.Ever.

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