Farewell to a Beloved Tree

We got a notice from the village yesterday that they will be cutting down the beautiful tree in front of our house.  Many years ago, it was struck by lightening and it has been struggling ever since.  We have a big bay window in our living room that looks out onto this tree.  Our bedroom window also looks out onto it.  It frames the front of our house.  We have been calling her our “enchanted tree.”  My son and daughter and I have been talking to it and putting our hands on it for a few weeks now.  We were hoping it would rally if we sent it a healing message.  My daughter and I have been very sad since we got the news.  My husband, knowing how much I love the tree, said, “It’s about time.”  I thought that was pretty cold.  When I shed some tears for the tree, he just didn’t get it.  Yeah, it is a tree, but it is our tree.  Out here in the ‘burbs there isn’t much to look at, but that tree was one of the nice things about our front lawn.  I’m going to talk to the village to make sure that there is nothing else we can do.  Wish me luck.


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