Paris Hilton on National Public Radio?

On my way back from the ultrasound, I flipped on NPR for a bit of news (I had been sleeping most of the day).  I could not believe my ears when I heard a report about Paris Hilton’s release from prison to house arrest.  When I arrived home, I told my mom about it.  She said, “All of that is a big ‘so what?'”  While normally I agree with her, I am really really against driving drunk.  In my opinion, it is no less dangerous than shooting off a gun on a public street.   That person should be severely punished.  I guess she had some sort of medical excuse to return home.  I can only guess she had a mental breakdown.  I have been in jails in my former life as an attorney and I would probably have a breakdown too.  Anyway, I just wish that she, like anyone else who has decided to get behind the wheel drunk, will NEVER, NEVER do it again.  Indeed, although I am Jewish and therefore disappointed by Mel Gibson’s anti-semitic and misogynist comments, I was much more upset that he was driving drunk!  He has the right to feel and say whatever he wants, but he has NO right to put others in danger.


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