Ultrasound Not Conclusive but “Miracle” Needed

I had an ultrasound this afternoon.  We saw a sac that was not in the right place (as if it were working its way out) and it measures barely 4 weeks (I should be at five and a half).  Although it was not conclusive, my doctor said that, based on my measurements, the position of the sac, my bleeding and cramping, and my poor HCG levels, I am having a miscarriage.  He said, “pending some miracle, this is it.”  I will have another HCG level test Monday.  If the levels are still creeping up, I could also have an ectopic, but this would be something like a 1 in 28,000 chance.  We’ll discuss the need for another ultrasound on Monday after my hormone level tests are in.  I don’t want another D & C.  They cause scar tissue to form in the uterus and I have already had three (one after my daughter for a retained placenta and two related to my first miscarriage where the first one was incomplete).  Plus, who wants to undergo surgery?  I just want a definite answer.  I will pray for a miracle, but my heart won’t let me expect one.


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