Simple Pleasures of a Vegetable Garden

Despite all the death, there are lots of things to celebrate around here. My children keep laughter in the house. I have my fresh veggies from the “garden.” This year, we had to relocate the garden to containers on our deck because a new storage shed covered up my garden space. I could have found another space, but I was feeling much too lazy to dig up the grass, till the soil, etc. This year we planted three different kinds of lettuce, Japanese Eggplant, two kinds of heirloom tomatos, basil, chives and a sweet pepper plant. Nothing is quite ready yet except for the basil, chives and lettuce. I’m about to go pick some lettuce right now for my salad. I think I could really like being a farmer. I’m not sure I’d be willing to work as hard as most farmers, but I really love the satisfaction of watching something grow and enjoying it. All of our plants are organic, of course.  I buy my plants from the Green City Market in Chicago every year.  I buy organic seeds from our local nursery.  No pesticides are EVER used in our backyard.  Even if you only have a balcony, I highly recommend growing something edible.  It is a delicious and satisfying way to feel like you have actually accomplished something.


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