Are We Ever “Normal”?

My mother-in-law asked if I was “back to normal.” I had my D & C this week and I felt like myself again (but now I’m bleeding again which is not supposed to happen). My HCG levels are nominal so we know nothing is growing. The doc wanted to test the tissue but didn’t get enough. I guess we will never know what caused the miscarriage. So, am I back to normal? Not really. We thought our family was complete. After fantasies of a third child, I’m not so sure anymore. What I do know, is that I can’t go through another miscarriage. So our family will have to be complete. I planted it in my husband’s head that, somewhere down the line, I would like to take in a foster child. He looked at me like I was crazy. In my past life as an attorney, I served as a guardian ad litem to abused and neglected children. Boy oh boy do they need good foster parents. I don’t know how good I’d be, but at least I know I won’t abuse them like so many foster parents do. Yes, so many of these children are taken from their homes of abuse and neglect only to be abused some more by strangers (or other relatives). Anyway, it is just an idea I have had ever since I worked there. Since I was pregnant with a potential third, I could actually visualize our house with three children. I liked what I saw! I guess this feeling is “normal.”


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