Great Veggie Fast Food Alternatives

 Johnny Rockets

Do you know what drives me crazy? When I go to the food court (which is a rare occasion), the longest line of moms and kids is always at McDonalds. I have so many problems with that company that I just can’t name them all (most of all, they kill more animals than any other chain). Anyway, I came across this website and I couldn’t believe how many veggie and vegan options there are at some of the chains. If it says you can order the fries and a salad, I don’t find that to be a viable alternative. However, some of these restaurants really have some healthy stuff. The site also makes a good argument for patronizing some of the predominantly meat-based establishments such as Burger King:

Some well-meaning vegans have chosen to ignore the fast-food and chain restaurant market because of its emphasis on animal flesh, but the bottom line is this: In order to convince meat-eaters to stop eating animals, vegetarian options must be convenient and available in the places where meat-eaters munch. There will never be vegan or vegetarian options at restaurant chains unless vegetarians and vegans support them. Some of us never thought that we’d see the day when Burger King or Bennigan’s offered veggie burgers, but now that they do, the millions of carnivores who eat there can see that choosing meatless meals is easy and tasty. This is a huge step in the right direction.

It got me thinking, and it got me hungry!


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    Excellent article. There’s a lot of great information here, though I would like to let you know something – I am using Ubuntu with the latest beta of Firefox, and the design of your site is sort of flaky for me. I could understand the post, but the navigation doesn’t work so great.

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