Why America is Going Downhill

phonearrangement.jpgIt came to me yesterday. I know what is wrong with America. Americans are hearing voices in their heads. No, I don’t mean we all need psychiatrists, I’m talking about the voices that come over cell phones, ipods, and other technical toys. Look around you (or perhaps just look in the mirror). The vast majority of people are on the phone or have something else stuck in their ears.  On the street, in the mall, in the park, in the car, in restaurants, moms pushing strollers, moms pushing their children on the swings, dads (including my husband) taking the kids for ice cream. Adults are on the telephone all the time and everywhere! When are we taking the time for quiet? When do we take the time for our thoughts? Perhaps, if we took time to be alone with our thoughts, we wouldn’t be electing such buffoons and we wouldn’t be destroying the planet as fast as our SUVs can carry us. It would be something else if we were talking on the phone about the meaning of life, but we are not. Typically, we are telling our friends and family how “busy” we are. I submit that many of us are afraid of our own thoughts. We get nervous if we are left in silence to ponder our life and the lives around us. Don’t be afraid, we need these thoughts to protect us and to keep us moving forward! I suggest that the next time you are out, you do not use your cell phone (unless you have an emergency and need to call AAA or something) or your ipod. Try to spend an afternoon, a morning, or an evening with the “quiet” of your own thoughts. Take a walk to the coffeehouse without checking your voicemail. Ride to the office without that call you usually make to just “check in.” Don’t be afraid of your own voice. Just let your mind wander and see where it takes you. (Even if your only thought is, “Gee, I seem to be the only one who doesn’t have a phone attached to my ear.”)


One Response to “Why America is Going Downhill”

  1. jonny Says:

    good call

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