Why Can’t We Stop the Rain? Why Can’t We Save the Miners?


(picture from umbrellas.com,  who knew?)

With all our technology, we are still at the mercy of Mother Nature.  Here in Chicagoland, it is raining and raining and raining. It is flooding in many parts of the country.  While over in Maryland, where I have a bunch of relatives, they really, really need rain.   Why can’t we invent a machine to control the weather?  How hard can it be to blow some rain clouds in another direction?  Ok, so I’m not a meteorologist, scientist, or any kind of ist.  But there is so much we have accomplished, yet so much we just can’t do.  It breaks my heart to think of those miners trapped in  Utah.  It boggles the mind that we can build a rocket, develop nuclear power, but we can’t dig a tunnel to rescue someone!


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