New Rule: The President Who Starts a War . . .

Let’s amend our Constitution (or the Executive Branch can just say so, to them it is more powerful than our Constitution anyway) to say the the President who starts a war or invades a country, must spend at least two years taking up residence in that country following his presidential term. I’m serious. As you know, I was against the war in Iraq from the beginning (and even registered this position via my unanswered letter to my President, and yes, you are my President even though you don’t want to acknowledge people like me). Now that we have been there and have really f–ked up the country, I’m not sure getting all the way out is the way to go. I do not want any more soldiers to die, but I don’t want us to abandon the country we screwed. What really makes me mad is that we are not letting Iraqis to come to our country. I think, since we messed up theirs, they should be able to seek sanctuary here. Anyway, if the President knows he (or she) will have to live in the country he invaded, then perhaps he will go in with an actual PLAN before invading. Did we make it “safe for democracy?” Heck, no one wants to live there now (except for Iran, which will eventually annex it an then use all those weapons we issued to Iraq against us and anyone who tries to stop them). Phew, I’m done now, at least for this morning.


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