Jesus . . . camp. Just DO Something!!!

This is Paster Becky Fisher talking to children in the movie
Paster Becky Fisher from the movie
Jesus Camp. Have you seen this movie? Please do. It is a documentary that follows a couple of children and an evangelist for children. Ok, as you all know, I’m Jewish, so there’s a bias right there. I am very interested in religion, my husband has “caught” me listening to Christian radio on a number of occasions. This movie was fascinating and disturbing at the same time. First, these children are encouraged to “Go to war for Jesus.” I’m not clear who these children are instructed to fight (nonbelievers?), but is it a Christian ethic to “go to war?” What happened to “love thy neighbor” and “turn the other cheek?” Evangelist Fisher suggested that if Harry Potter were a real person, and if he had been alive in the “days of the Old Testament,” he would have been strung up and killed. Her audience actually clapped at the thought of killing a child! (I just started reading the last book yesterday, so please don’t tell me if Harry Potter goes “bad” ). The pastor tells the children they can change the world — great. Does she teach them how to help and comfort the poor, heal the sick, clean up the earth? I didn’t see any evidence of that. Everything is pray, pray, pray. Where was the “DO”? One of the homeschooling moms in the movie was so proud of the fact that her son didn’t believe that man was the cause of global warming. Ah, that’s a good reason not to “DO” anything to help the earth. Oh, well, if there is pollution, perhaps praying about it will solve the problem.

My aunt and uncle are born again Christians. When they were having financial trouble, I asked them, “What are you going to do?” My uncle’s answer was, “We are praying.”

My childhood rabbi once relayed this story: There was a terrible flood and a man was forced to go on to his rooftop to avoid drowning. While he was on his roof, he prayed to God to save him. Meanwhile, two strangers in a row boat came by and asked him if he wanted help. He replied, “No thank you, God will provide for me.” Next, the Coast Guard whizzed over and invited him on the boat. To them he replied, “No thank you. God will provide for me.” Finally, when the water was almost to the top of his roof, a helicopter with a ladder hovered over him “No thank you!” he shouted to the pilot, “God will provide for me.” After he drowned and met God in heaven, he asked, “God, why did you forsake me?” God replied, “Forsake you? I sent you two boats and a helicopter, what more do you want?”

My thoughts: Prayer is all well and good, but actions are more important! I used to carpool with a born-again Christian. I asked her if I was going to hell because I was Jewish. She meekly replied, “Yes, sorry.” I inquired, “Even if I devote my life to helping others and never break a single commandment? Even then would I go to hell?” “Yes,” she answered, “because you must believe that Jesus died for your sins in order to go to heaven.” Ouch! What does that mean for poor Mother Teresa (since it recently came out that she had her doubts about God)? If she’s not going to heaven, I guess I don’t stand a chance. If you are a believer or a non-believer, it is all the same to me. Just get out there and DO something positive. Help yourself, help others, help the animals, help the earth. Hey, since so many of us are not going to heaven anyway, let’s make our heaven right here on earth (this is probably pure blasphemy, isn’t it?)


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