Hey Comcast: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

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We get cable from Comcast, and anytime we have a problem, we get the same response, “We will open a ticket and someone will call you within 48 hours.” No one has ever called us in regard to the alleged “open ticket” or the problem we called about. This last time, we couldn’t get the latest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm on On Demand. We called and they tried to “resend the signal.” When nothing happened they opened the ticket and told us to wait 48 hours for the telephone call that would lead to a resolution. When that phone call never came, I telephoned and, after waiting over twenty minutes for an actual person, I asked for a supervisor. I was told the supervisor was busy and she would call me back. “Excuse me if I don’t believe you,” I said calmly, “but you never gave me that 48 hour phone call, we still have the problem, and I don’t want to wait for a phone call for someone to explain to me why I haven’t gotten the first promised telephone call.” “I promise I will walk it over to her desk, her name is Susie,” he stated. “When will she call me back?” I asked. “Well, she has a lot of phone calls to make, so it may be a few minutes.” Guess what? That was almost two weeks ago. Did we get our telephone call about our problem? No. Did the supervisor ever call me to talk to me about the phone call we didn’t get? No.

Oh, and one more thing. Before we hung up, the guy who promised to take the message to the supervisor told me that it was HBO’s fault, not Comcast, that the recent episode of Curb wasn’t available. He gave me HBO’s telephone number. I knew he was full of it, but I called HBO anyway. Of course, it was a Sunday and no one was there. On Monday, I called HBO again. “Unfortunately, that person at Comcast was not accurate,” the HBO representative explained. “As soon as the show airs on HBO, it is made available to the cable company. If you can’t get access to it, it is Comcast’s fault, not ours.” I knew Comcast was lying to me. They will say anything just to get you to go away. They will even promise you a credit, but they won’t give it to you (at least that has been my experience). Then you have to be willing to sit on the phone for another 2o minutes to get a few dollars off for a credit, and it may or may not appear on your next bill. Right now, I’m so pissed I am just not willing to sit on the phone and complain about them again.

Does anyone else have these problems with Comcast? Does anyone like their cable company. We are so ready to switch. I’m not advocating anything, but kudos to Mona Shaw a retiree who got so fed up with Comcast and their bullsh-t that she took a hammer to the company’s office equipment. Oh, if I had a hammer . . .


3 Responses to “Hey Comcast: Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire”

  1. Addled Academic Says:

    We don’t generally have this problem with Comcast in our area. Previously they have no-showed for scheduled appointments. That was pretty bad, considering the scheduled appointment was 7 am on Saturday.

    We don’t like them either, however, mostly because their DVRs are cheap pieces of garbage. We’re on #3 (or is it #4?) in 15 months. They fail when cords are plugged into them, even if they are designed for said cords. I wish I were joking.

    I’ve good luck dealing with their online customer service. If your complaint is complicated, definitely type it before you log in and then paste it to save the time you spend online with the customer service rep. It’s still faster and less aggrevating than 20 minutes on hold!

  2. moodymommy Says:

    Thanks for your advice. It just reminds me that while my husband was on hold, I DID go online. They told me a bunch of bullsh-t that I needed to talk to my “local area” Comcast and to call back w/in normal business hours. They gave me the same toll free number my husband called. When I told the online person that no one at that number could help us, she assured me that if I called back during normal business hours I would get someone “local” who would deal with my problem. When I did as she instructed, the Comcast rep said that I must have misunderstood the online person (even though I have it all in writing) and that the online person simply wanted me to call the Comcast number and “open a ticket,” something no one online could do, according to her. What a run around! We don’t have a DVR, but my mother-in-law is on her 4th one in two years and my neighbor says his rarely works properly. Where are the class action attorneys when we need one?

  3. Addled Academic Says:

    No kidding about the class action attorneys.

    Another thought about dealing with Comcast’s customer service department: Who you contact & how you contact them seems to depend upon how the particular transaction was initiated. Yes, this makes no sense, and yes, it’s annoying. Unfortunately, it just seems to be how things work with comcast.

    I thought of an example of this over the weekend. I signed up for service & set up automatic bill payment using the website. I tried to discontinue/change automatic bill payment over the phone later on, and was told that I either a) had to contact my bank in order to stop the automatic bill payments, or b) had to discontinue them through the website. Never mind that there is no such link on the website; the phone people insist that there is. I gave up and decided that we’d just deal with it until we move again. It really shouldn’t be this difficult, though.

    We used to have Time Warner Cable when we lived in another state. Time Warner had its own problems, but at least their website and phone support were integrated.

    Can you switch to DirectTV or Dish Network?

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