Nothing Says “I Love You” Like a GPS Locater

The Garmin nuvi 260

My husband (I just decided I will call him “Gadget Man)” just bought me the Garmin 260 GPS locater. Now, I had asked him to wait until the prices really dropped on these GPS things, but he insisted I needed it. Gee, I’m not sure he’s right about that. Just the other day I phoned him at work in a panic because I was lost going to the La Leche meeting I had been to at least four times in the past. I needed him to look on a map and tell me how to get there. It turns out, I was only five blocks away, but I was completely stumped on how to get there from my location. Indeed, I have no sense of direction. Living in Chicagoland, I rely on the lake being to the east. If I can “sense” where the lake is if it is not in my view, I at least know North, South, East and West, but that doesn’t get me very far. I even get lost in the town I grew up in, even though my mom and dad still live there! Gadget Man knows his way around better than I. Anyway, I got this new GPS thing and I’m sorry for the money we spent on it, but I’m psyched to try it out. Also, I think the gesture was pretty sweet. Wish me luck!


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