Taking a 2 Year Old and a 5 Year Old to the Art Institute


In my child-free days, I belonged to the Art Institute and had season tickets to The Goodman which used to be next door. I took full advantage of my membership in those days. No matter what I went there to see, I had to stop by my favorite painting by Seurat. I have been craving a trip to see that happy day in the park. Sadly, until just the other day, I hadn’t been to the museum in at least three years! I had lots of grand plans for Eva and Charlie over this Christmas Break. We were going to be sightseeing tourists all over Chicago. We managed to see the Nutcracker windows twice, and have a meal in the Walnut Room, but otherwise, the break flew by. To satisfy my craving and my sightseeing bug, I bundled up the children and headed for the Art Institute.

I was fully prepared to pay for parking. The signs for the underground parking advertised $13.00 and $14.00 for the day. I thought I was following those signs and parking there. However, when I parked, my lot charged $24.00 — yikes! I have no idea what happened there. Anyway, we walked the short two blocks to the museum, checked our coats, and paid the $12.00 for my admission fee. I was delighted to discover that all children under 12 are free.

Before we arrived, I fantasized that the children would be wandering around in awe, delighting in everything they saw. Instead, they complained about the stairs we had to climb, and seemed completely unfazed by the abundance of fantastic artwork surrounding them. The Thorne Rooms captured their attention initially, though my back was sorry that Charlie had to be lifted up to see every room. Eventually, Eva exclaimed, “Another drawing room?” By the time we went upstairs to view my favorite masterpiece, Charlie was whining, “I don’t like this museum, I want to go home.” Even ballet aficionado Eva was unimpressed by Degas’ dancers. What a disappointment. Oh well, at least I paid a visit to my spotty friends in the park.

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