Why Edwards, Why?!?


I just heard that John Edwards dropped out of the race. I am so upset. I am upset because he didn’t wait for me to voice my opinion. I am upset b/c I almost voted in the primary early and I would have “wasted” my vote on him. This is a good lesson. Don’t vote early, b/c the candidate you vote for may not be around by the time they count the votes. Now I will cast my vote for Obama. I do love him, I just think Edwards was badly needed now. He was needed because he was going to do something about the disparity between the rich and the poor. Obama is fresh and young, and needs more time to prove himself as a decision-maker. Oh well, I’m casting my vote for him anyway. As far as I am concerned, Hillary had her chance at leadership and failed. Remember when her husband put her in charge of getting us universal health care? Remember that she didn’t do it? She’s a corporate puppet just like her husband. If the pharmaceutical companies say “jump,” well, you know the cliche.

My sisters over at Chicago Moms Blog want to talk to the candidtates. If you have any connections, please help. Thanks!


2 Responses to “Why Edwards, Why?!?”

  1. hfamom Says:

    I’m with you. Edwards should have allowed the rest of us a chance… What do we do now? There isn’t anyone else in the race that I would trust.

  2. John Edwards Can’t Keep It In His Pants « Moody Mommy (PMDD made me do it) Says:

    […] You, Mr. Edwards, are not exceptional. You are a disappointment and a disgrace. You break my heart, again. Posted in Fed up, John Edwards, Politics, do this […]

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