My Grandfather Died

I haven’t posted in a long time b/c I was out in Maryland at my Grandfather’s bedside just before he passed away. He was 94 and had a full life until recently when he started to show his age and his health declined. I have been really affected by my experience. I will write a longer post later, but suffice it to say that he suffered needlessly at the end b/c the hospital staff was totally unresponsive to his pain. There is something seriously wrong with our society’s views on death and aging. Well, Eva has a terrible cold and will be home today. I’d better get back to the kiddies.


Smile for the Red Light Camera?


Cameras will soon be at many more intersections all over Chicagoland, according to a recent Chicago Tribune article. I found this cool website that provides a map of all the photo enforced intersections in the area (and in the U.S.).

Oh, fine. It’s not that I run red lights. I don’t. However, I will go through a yellow light if the roads are wet or slippery. I’m not going to skid around and risk an accident just because I may get a ticket. It is reported that the tickets for running a red and getting “caught” by a camera will cost $100. Where will the money go? I would feel so much better, perhaps I would smile for the camera, if I knew that the money was going directly to the schools. Or maybe someone would fix all those potholes that are aging my poor car these days?

Regarding “My Child Won’t Take Medicine”

I have been getting a lot of comments on an archived article, “My Child Won’t Take Medicine” from frustrated  and desperate parents because, like my daughter, their children won’t take medicine.   I have sent an email to Dr. Sears (Bob and /or William) at in hopes that we can get some additional ideas and help.  I’ll keep you posted.  Oh, and if you are a doctor or a scientist, please invent a patch to dispense antibiotics.