Regarding “My Child Won’t Take Medicine”

I have been getting a lot of comments on an archived article, “My Child Won’t Take Medicine” from frustrated  and desperate parents because, like my daughter, their children won’t take medicine.   I have sent an email to Dr. Sears (Bob and /or William) at in hopes that we can get some additional ideas and help.  I’ll keep you posted.  Oh, and if you are a doctor or a scientist, please invent a patch to dispense antibiotics.


13 Responses to “Regarding “My Child Won’t Take Medicine””

  1. OliviasMommy Says:

    Have you heard anything back from anyone? i am at my wits end here….

  2. moodymommy Says:

    Olivias Mommy, my friend told me that you can use the pill form of the antibiotic and grind it up and put it in food. Other than that suggestion, I wish I could help! Good luck!

  3. Mommy Stress Says:

    Dr Moodymommy, I don’t know that I’m of any help but I have a 6 year old the same way! You mention meds and he starts coughing and crying and slobbering and when you try to give it to him not matter the flavor he will gag and throw up! I don’t know what to do with him either. I have tried to put it in orange juice because lots of meds are already that flavor. But he can’t handle certain texters in his mouth and a pill is out of the question. I know my Mom always said she would put in jelly on toast and pudding. Hope this helps.

  4. Moody Mommy Says:

    Dear Mommy Stress, I’m sorry you are going through this. Does he like frosting? I won’t work for a non-chewable med (b/c they are too bitter) but you can grind up a chewable to a fine powder (like w/a mortar and pestle) and mix it in a bit of frosting for a mini muffin. Good luck

  5. Mommy4YrStubbornBoy Says:

    Even my 4 yr old son doesn’t take medicine.He gets terrified when we force him to take it.Today I tried to mix the antibiotics (omnicef which tastes bad than amoxillin) with Maaza mango juice (can buy in Indian stores, it is very sweet) and he didn’t even notice.Hope this helps some one like me. Eagerly waiting for a patch.

  6. julie wood Says:

    My grandson wont take tamiflu, daughter has tried everything

  7. Alysha Says:

    My daughter has to take antibiotics everyday as a preventative for UTIs and she will not take the liquid even if I get it flavored. It also comes in capsules with the powder inside and I have tried everything I could think of to disquise the taste and she is suspicous of everthing she eats now. I have threatened to take things away, no playdates, I have rewarded and praised and with no avail she has come to the point of saying she would rather have shots at the doctor’s office than take her meds. It is so frustrating to know that a medicine that will prevent her from getting sick she will not take. I don’t want anymore emergency room visits. My pediatrician put her on Reglan because she vomits as soon as she swallows the medicine. That only worked the first two days and then she tried her hardest to vommit the meds. Any help out there would be grateful.

    • moodymommy Says:

      Alysha, I’ve been there. All I can suggest is trying a chewable. The chewable are much more palatable than the capsules you break up. If your kind of antibiotic does not come in a chewable, maybe the doctor can suggest one that will.

  8. ryansmommy426 Says:

    I don’t think what im gonna say is gonna help anyone but here goes..

    I am the mother of a 4 year old little boy named ryan..
    when he was a little over 1 he was diagnosed with 2 forms of treatment resistant kidney disease and is now in late stage 4 kidney failure.. he has to take 14 yes you read that right 14 meds a day and injections at home weekly let me tell you he hates taking meds too … but hes not given a choice he has to take them or he will die

    what all of you need to understand what what they need to understand is this .. you are the parent they are the child they don’t have the option to take only what they feel like and not take anything else… they need to take what you give them and realize your doing it for a reason and that’s to help them get better even if it means you have to hold them down and make them then that’s what you need to do it may not be fun for either of you they may throw it up which we deal with daily but it’s something they have to do .. and they will understand that even if they don’t want to they have to and no matter how many times they make them selves puke you have to keep trying or they win and you will deal with it for life ..

    my son spends weeks at a time at the hospital and like all of your children came up with all kinds of excuses like it takes bad or it’s yukky or w/e the excuse maybe the nurses tried to crush the pills up and mix it in choc syrup, choc ice cream, pudding, drinks of all kinds and he wasent having it

    well let me tell you after spending most of his free time in time out and staring at a wall for a few days and doing nothing fun he has decided it’s easier to take them and get it over with because he knows now if i don’t i will be in trouble and won’t have any fun .. i wish you all the best of luck with your children i know it’s hard but you have to be the adult and stand your ground about things like this since after all your the parent not them !!

    • moodymommy Says:

      Thank you for your message. Knowing that we are the adults and we have to stand our ground is something I think all of us on this thread understand. That doesn’t make it any less difficult.

  9. Mary Says:

    My 3.5 yr old is also a medicine refuser. We have tried everything. EVERYTHING! Bribery, taking things away, forcing, disguising and hiding in different foods and drinks, in sugar and pudding and freezies and and and and, we’ve tried different flavoured meds in different formats…on occassion we convince her to take it after much exhaustion and she just ends up puking it up right away. I do not know what to do…are there antibiotic injections? I think that is all that could possibly work.

    • moodymommy Says:

      Yes, there are antibiotic injections, depending on the antibiotic. Please ask your doctor. Our doc says if we want to do it, we have to do it at the hospital (not all docs say this). For us, the shot costs a whopping $300, but of course all of that depends on your insurance and your doc or hospital. What finally worked for us was threatening the hospital shot. However, it is my opinion as a parent, that one should never threaten anything that one is not prepared to follow through on. I wish you good luck. Hang in there, and I hope your little one is better soon!

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