Book Review: Forgive Me by Amanda Eyre Ward


Prior to Forgive Me, I had never read an Amanda Eyre Ward novel. After finishing this one, I ran out to get another, Sleep Toward Heaven. Forgive Me is about Nadine, a thirty-something print journalist addicted to danger and adverse to commitment (with, it turns out, a couple of exceptions). Nadine’s best friend, Lily, a SAHM, stands as a clear contrast to Nadine. Lily spends her days worried about stuffy noses and diapers, yet Nadine can hardly recall the names of her own best friend’s children. Instead, she takes the reader into the tumultuous lives of drug dealers in Mexico, and those suffering from Apartheid in South Africa. At each location, the reader is introduced to its politics, its communities, as well as the landscape. Indeed, Ward is quite adept at making one feel as if one is really there with Nadine, right down to the actual smells she encounters.

As a SAHM, it was quite a treat to read something entertaining, educational, and thought provoking. As the title indicates, the novel subtly touches on the concept of forgiveness. Upon finishing it, I was left contemplating my own experience with forgiveness, recalling the times I needed to be forgiven, and the times I needed to forgive. I loved this novel. Please read it and let me know your thoughts.


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