Team Mom Toy Review: Baby Jamz Jammin Microphone

0067357902526_500x500.jpgThanks to Team Mom, Charlie (age 2 1/2) and Eva (age 5) got to try out the new Baby Jamz Jammin’ Microphone. My kids love to pretend they are putting on a show, so any microphone is a great toy for them. Before letting it loose into their hands, I took out my household lead check kit. Happily, it tested negative for lead content. After handing it over to the little ones, the biggest problem we had was that we had just one. After the grabbing and the fighting was over, my children eventually agreed to take turns.
The microphone has several functions. It records voices alone, records voices with prerecorded “hip hop” nursery rhyme tunes (B-I-N-G-O, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Skip to My Lou, This Old Man, and Twinkle Twinkle), amplifies voices, or plays the hip hop tunes. Oh, and one button speeds all of this up, while another speeds it all down. I needed to read the instructions to find out how it works, b/c the buttons are not marked too well. However, Eva got the hang of it quickly. Charlie, on the other hand found his entertainment by just pushing the buttons randomly. The manufacturer recommends the toy for 18+, but I doubt someone this young would be able to figure out how to record his/her own voice and then play it back. Regardless, any child of this age and up would find something amusing about it.
The children really enjoyed this toy and didn’t seem to be as bothered as I was by the awful quality of the voice recorder. Another thing that bothered me was that the recording feature shut off after only a few seconds, thus making it impossible to record more than a line or two of song. Nevertheless, this toy is priced right at only $ 9.95 . One should note that the toy is exclusively sold at Walmart.

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