Do You Have “Walking Money?”

“Walking Money” is money saved up in your (I’m referring to you as a wife) own account where only you have access to it. It allows you to walk away from your marriage if things in your marriage ever get too bad. It also protects you in case your husband leaves you and cleans out your bank account. Think this won’t happen to you? Read my post here at Chicago Moms Blog.


3 Responses to “Do You Have “Walking Money?””

  1. feener Says:

    i read it, great post. my friend’s mom who was divorced ALWAYS lectured us on having our own money. i don’t. i got nada. humpf….

  2. thatsadditychic Says:

    I sure do! I call it my freedom fund. A few months back the fiance and I had a terrible argument and he asked me to move out. We worked everything out but I couldn’t help thinking “what if I didn’t have the money?” I’d probably be up SH!ts creek. You always have to have your F-You/Walking money. When you don’t you end up compromising yourself and staying in situations that are harmful to you.

  3. moodymommy Says:

    Feener, Start an account — THIS WEEK. Even if it means putting $5.00 away every week, it will add up to something which is better than nothing.

    thatsadditychic, Way to go! You (and I) are ahead of most people, I’m afraid.

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