Earth Friendly Cleaner in Skokie

Yeah!!!! A “green” dry cleaners (though I think technically, the process is wet cleaning) is now in my hometown of Skokie! Armens Cleaners promises to clean clothes without the harsh chemicals of dry cleaning. The dangers of dry cleaner chemicals are well-known. For that reason, I try to avoid buying anything needing dry cleaning. Luckily, Gadget Man doesn’t have to wear a suit to work, so we don’t have to get anything cleaned too often. Once in a while, I will need to get a dress or a shirt laundered professionally. Fearing the dangers of traditional dry cleaners, I have always wanted to try the Greener Cleaner, another environmentally safe cleaners, but it is in the city. There was just no way I was going to drive so far for that, though I have thought about it. Finally, a “green” cleaner is local. I brought two garments in for a test cleaning. One, a silk blouse, came back perfect. Another, a stained dress, came back even better — sans stain! If you live nearby, give them your business. I want them to stick around.


3 Responses to “Earth Friendly Cleaner in Skokie”

  1. Darcy Moen Says:

    FYI: there is NO CONCLUSIVE PROOF that drycleaning with any chemical causes cancer. To date, all tests relating to PERC report it is a SUSPECT carciogenic. Let’s put it into realistic perspective and take a look at this graph:

    Yeah, danger Will Robinson, danger.

  2. moodymommy Says:

    Darcy, you must work in the dry cleaning industry. Anyway, if it doesn’t kill you, it must make you stronger, right? Enjoy your poison, I’ll try to avoid it as much as I can, thanks.

  3. cindyfey Says:

    The Greener Cleaner delivers! They have a regular delivery route so it’s not like they are making a special trip to your house, either. I love them.

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