Keeping Track of Who is a “Jew”

Vintage WWII Postcard

Once in a while, I go online and look at various anti-semitic websites to see who hates me (I’m Jewish) and what they have to say about Jews. I came across this website that calls itself the “Christian Party.” It has a long list identifying who is a “Jew.” I don’t know where they get this information. For what purpose is this list? Let’s just say I doubt the “Christian Party” (whoever they are) wants you to use it when you compile your holiday gift list. Indeed, I was surprised to find a few football players on that list. I have to question their accuracy right there. I didn’t know my congresswoman was Jewish. But then they go and identify Steven Spielberg as a Jew. What a shocker! Oh, and if you visit the “Christian Party” website’s home page, you can take their poll so that they can see whether you think Blacks should be exiled. Really, I’m serious. I’m going to take the poll, but I’m a bit scared of the potential repercussions of providing my email address. What would Jesus do? Oh well, the “Christian Party” says they are about “love not hate” we shall see.


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