You Know It’s Time to Wax When . . .

Last night, as Eva and I were cuddled on my bed reading Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, she pointed her finger toward my upper lip. “What are you doing?” I inquired. “Hair,” she replied with a smile. “Yes,” I sighed. “Mommy, do I have hair there too?” “Well, we are mammals, we have hair everywhere. Some of it is just lighter and thinner than in other places.” I answered. This seemed to satisfy her. Silently, I vowed to wax in the morning. Now what am I going to do about the lines around my mouth she so graciously pointed out last week?


I’m in the Doghouse

My friend, Virginia, is really, really disappointed in me because I shared a horrible dream I had with her. In my dream, her son died. Why did I tell her I had such a dream? Well, I’m an idiot. Read more in my post here at Chicago Moms Blog.

Oprah Says . . .

Here is a link to a cool Chicago chick who has been “living Oprah.” She watches the show and reads her magazine and follows all her advice. She is doing this for a year. I wouldn’t say she’s a fan. Check it out for yourself. I’m adding her to my blogroll so I can keep tabs. You go girl!

Hand Over the Controls!

comcast remote control

comcast remote control

Ugh! Gadget Man and I are such a cliche. He won’t ever let me hold the clicker to the television. Yes, I know it is called a “remote control,” but I am from a generation where the control was first called a “clicker” and I can’t stop myself from using that term. Anyway, Gadget Man likes the t.v. loud. No, LOUD. Having something blaring so loud it is pounding into my head and chest is not my idea of relaxation. Indeed, that defeats the purpose of watching television in the first place. Last night, Gadget Man would not hand over the controls (once again) and the Blue Ray movie we were watching kept getting louder then softer then louder again. Gadget Man refused to respond to this volume anarchy by turning it up and down as needed. I would have, but he would not let me have it. He treats me like a child. “May I please have the remote?” “No, just relax.” “Please, if you are not going to use it, why can’t I hold it.” “Just relax, will you?” Relax? Excuse me? The t.v. is blaring, I’m worried the children will wake up and I don’t like it sooooo loud. Why should I suffer hearing loss just because he has it too? He simply won’t let me have it. What should I do, wrestle him for it? Last night, when the movie was over, he decided he was going to bed. I wanted to watch a little Dick Van Dyke and I had no idea where the controls were. “Where’s the fu-king clicker?” Ok, so I’m not Miss Manners. “Right here!” He yelled and then threw it at me. It landed next to me on the couch, but I did not appreciate this behavior. Turns out, he didn’t appreciate the way I asked for the controls. Anyway, I was too steamed to apologize and so was he. All I can say is, “Oh, Rob!”

Recycle This!

ABT Electronics, a store well-known for its excellent customer service (I have purchased almost all of my appliances there and have been satisfied every time!) is providing a recycling service to the public. Thank you Abt!  I haven’t used this service yet, I’ve been bringing all my batteries to the Walgreens photo counter for recycling.  Here is the information:

Hours: 2:00-7:00 pm daily (closed Sundays & Mondays)

Abt Electronics, Glenview

Abt Electronics’ new recycling center. . Bring your recyclables to the freestanding building located just west of Abt’s main building.

Free to recycle:


styrofoam and polystyrene packing materials

cell phones


All Sony electronics are free to recycle

They charge the following fees to help offset storage, handling, and transportation costs:

· All computers, fax machines, VCRs, and DVD players: $5

· TVs under 32 inches: $10

· TVs over 32 inches: $30

· Air conditioners: $15

· Refrigerators: $29

Abt promises all equipment and materials are recycled properly

Stop the Violence: Cease Fire

See what I have to say about the violence in Chicago and an organization that is doing something about it, Cease Fire. Click here to go to my article on Chicago Moms Blog.

Bag the Poop and Belt the Pooch

Puppy Love poster from

Puppy Love poster from

One of my neighbors is disgusting. I’m just not sure who s/he is. Someone does not bother to pick up their doggy’s poopie. I have my suspicions. I think it is this woman who once let her dog poop on our lawn and walked away. I caught her in the act b/c I was backing my car out of the driveway just as she was leaving. “Excuse me!” I yelled. “Aren’t you going to pick that up?” “I have to go get a bag,” she replied. When I came home the poop was, indeed, gone. However, I see her walking her dog all the time and I never see her with a bag. I, on the other hand, carry four, yes FOUR bags with me when I walk the dog. He has been known to poop several times on our route and I never want to be caught without a bag. Besides, I don’t mind using so many bags ever since I recently switched from the pretty expensive biodegradable doggy bags to the very inexpensive biodegradable diaper bags by Nature Babycare. I buy these bags at Target and I highly recommend them. I don’t feel bad about plopping the bags into the sewer since it is all biodegradable. Some of you will scream at me for this, but how is it any different from a pile of rabbit poop washing its way down there in the rain? Believe me there is a lot of that going on in our neighborhood where rabbits are as common as mosquitoes (oh and don’t get me started on how many bites I have already this summer).

It only takes one irresponsible dog owner to spoil it for the rest of us. This is why no dogs are allowed in my village parks. Skokie is so gosh darn dog-unfriendly because there have been too many times when an owner has not cleaned up after a dog. I know this because I went to the village meeting many years ago to argue in favor of allowing dogs in Skokie parks. Too many people spoke out about finding poops on the playground, etc. Yuck!

The only thing that irks me more than doggy poops left on the grass are doggy owners who let their dogs ride on their laps while they drive. Have you seen this? The dog is hanging out the driver’s side window, squirming on the owner’s lap as s/he tries to drive. This isn’t safe for the dog, the driver, or for anyone else on the road for that matter! The safest place for a dog in a car is in a harness made for the car — a dog seatbelt. If you stop short, or get rear-ended, the dog will be safe from becoming a doggy torpedo inside your car. There are several brands and all pet shops carry them.

When you do take your dog in the car with you, by all means, do NOT leave him/her in there alone! Even with the windows cracked open, the car can become dangerously hot. My brother-in-law thinks he is doing his puppy a favor by bringing him everywhere in the car and letting him sit there while he runs errands. He is not. The dog is better off in a cool home, even if s/he gets lonely.