Stop Artificially Coloring My Food

I don’t have time to really rant about this, but I wanted to post something about the issue before I forgot about the article. Artificial coloring in food is linked to all sorts of behavioral and developmental problems in children. Let’s put a stop to it. Here is the link for a great article and the info you need to get started on eradicating artificial yuckies in our food.


4 Responses to “Stop Artificially Coloring My Food”

  1. tracee hartman Says:

    i want to stop our children from getting artificial coloring in their food…. my son is off the wall acting up when he consumes artificial coloring items…..

  2. moodymommy Says:

    Tracee, I suppose the best thing to do (until the government acts, which will be never) is to real labels. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Kim Snedden Says:

    Our family suffered unknowingly for ten years from the effects of food dyes and artificial preservatives in our son’s diet. Everyone to whom I have spoken that has made the change has shown the same dramatic results. You all know the same things. I am now speaking at local PTA meetings and “new mothers support groups” to spread the word immediately and I urge you all to do the same. I simply share my firsthand account, supported by the few facts my pea-brain can hold and then refer them all to Feingold, CSPI and the rest of the internet universe. EVERY person I talk to about the food dyes seems to be hearing this information for the first time. I have many “new best friends” because people are soooooo grateful for this information. It is NOT commonly known and I believe that we can empower families to improve their situations overnight without waiting for the FDA. It will be years before any action will be undertaken by them and that will be years of suffering for millions of people.

  4. Moody Mommy Says:

    I have been working to try to get artificial ingredients out of our school lunches. The biggest obstacle is the Federal Government! Because our school lunch program is part of the government’s free lunch program (our dist gives 200 free lunches each day!), we have to accept and serve any and all of the government surplus crap they supply. Oftentimes, it is food with artificial coloring, flavors and high fructose corn syrup. Are you aware of any attempts to stop the practice of the Gov dumping crap on our school lunch programs? I’d love to join in the fight. Thanks for your comment!

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