Bag the Poop and Belt the Pooch

Puppy Love poster from

Puppy Love poster from

One of my neighbors is disgusting. I’m just not sure who s/he is. Someone does not bother to pick up their doggy’s poopie. I have my suspicions. I think it is this woman who once let her dog poop on our lawn and walked away. I caught her in the act b/c I was backing my car out of the driveway just as she was leaving. “Excuse me!” I yelled. “Aren’t you going to pick that up?” “I have to go get a bag,” she replied. When I came home the poop was, indeed, gone. However, I see her walking her dog all the time and I never see her with a bag. I, on the other hand, carry four, yes FOUR bags with me when I walk the dog. He has been known to poop several times on our route and I never want to be caught without a bag. Besides, I don’t mind using so many bags ever since I recently switched from the pretty expensive biodegradable doggy bags to the very inexpensive biodegradable diaper bags by Nature Babycare. I buy these bags at Target and I highly recommend them. I don’t feel bad about plopping the bags into the sewer since it is all biodegradable. Some of you will scream at me for this, but how is it any different from a pile of rabbit poop washing its way down there in the rain? Believe me there is a lot of that going on in our neighborhood where rabbits are as common as mosquitoes (oh and don’t get me started on how many bites I have already this summer).

It only takes one irresponsible dog owner to spoil it for the rest of us. This is why no dogs are allowed in my village parks. Skokie is so gosh darn dog-unfriendly because there have been too many times when an owner has not cleaned up after a dog. I know this because I went to the village meeting many years ago to argue in favor of allowing dogs in Skokie parks. Too many people spoke out about finding poops on the playground, etc. Yuck!

The only thing that irks me more than doggy poops left on the grass are doggy owners who let their dogs ride on their laps while they drive. Have you seen this? The dog is hanging out the driver’s side window, squirming on the owner’s lap as s/he tries to drive. This isn’t safe for the dog, the driver, or for anyone else on the road for that matter! The safest place for a dog in a car is in a harness made for the car — a dog seatbelt. If you stop short, or get rear-ended, the dog will be safe from becoming a doggy torpedo inside your car. There are several brands and all pet shops carry them.

When you do take your dog in the car with you, by all means, do NOT leave him/her in there alone! Even with the windows cracked open, the car can become dangerously hot. My brother-in-law thinks he is doing his puppy a favor by bringing him everywhere in the car and letting him sit there while he runs errands. He is not. The dog is better off in a cool home, even if s/he gets lonely.


4 Responses to “Bag the Poop and Belt the Pooch”

  1. Kari Says:

    Ugh, that irks me to no end!! I hate it too when people let their dogs run around freely in the neighborhood b/c “it’s a good dog and wouldn’t hurt anyone.” Well, it still scares me half to death to see a dog running freely down the street, not to mention we again run into the problem of the dog also freely POOPING all over the neighborhood w/ noone cleaning it up. Yuck!

  2. Patricia Nolan-Brown Says:

    Parachute Dog waste bags are a great idea. Compact, pops open seals shut, even converts into a scoop if desired. Dog carries used bags via leash clip on optional carrier (holds 6 bags). Demo at

  3. Moody Mommy Says:

    Patricia, I checked out your site. Very cool product indeed. Seems pretty pricey though. For now, I’ll stick to buying the 50 biodegradable bags for under 3 bucks over your 24 bags for ten bucks.

  4. Patricia Nolan-Brown Says:

    Thank you. Some people drive economy cars, others prefer luxury – both work, just have different features. It’s nice to have options. These are made in the United States.

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