Hand Over the Controls!

comcast remote control

comcast remote control

Ugh! Gadget Man and I are such a cliche. He won’t ever let me hold the clicker to the television. Yes, I know it is called a “remote control,” but I am from a generation where the control was first called a “clicker” and I can’t stop myself from using that term. Anyway, Gadget Man likes the t.v. loud. No, LOUD. Having something blaring so loud it is pounding into my head and chest is not my idea of relaxation. Indeed, that defeats the purpose of watching television in the first place. Last night, Gadget Man would not hand over the controls (once again) and the Blue Ray movie we were watching kept getting louder then softer then louder again. Gadget Man refused to respond to this volume anarchy by turning it up and down as needed. I would have, but he would not let me have it. He treats me like a child. “May I please have the remote?” “No, just relax.” “Please, if you are not going to use it, why can’t I hold it.” “Just relax, will you?” Relax? Excuse me? The t.v. is blaring, I’m worried the children will wake up and I don’t like it sooooo loud. Why should I suffer hearing loss just because he has it too? He simply won’t let me have it. What should I do, wrestle him for it? Last night, when the movie was over, he decided he was going to bed. I wanted to watch a little Dick Van Dyke and I had no idea where the controls were. “Where’s the fu-king clicker?” Ok, so I’m not Miss Manners. “Right here!” He yelled and then threw it at me. It landed next to me on the couch, but I did not appreciate this behavior. Turns out, he didn’t appreciate the way I asked for the controls. Anyway, I was too steamed to apologize and so was he. All I can say is, “Oh, Rob!”


One Response to “Hand Over the Controls!”

  1. feener Says:

    ok, i call in the clicker as well. my hubby has it LOUD LOUD LOUD. however, I am the remote controller most of the time in this house. that is right ladies……somehow i get the honors and i give it up very rarely

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