Confession: I Love the Soaps

Yeah, it’s true. I have been watching All My Children since I was twelve. Before any of you (and there are many of you out there) get excited and think you can “talk” to me about the soap, don’t. I am six weeks behind. I have six weeks of video tapes to watch. My mother never watched soap operas. I got hooked on All My Children when my parent went out of town for a week and left us with an ABC soaps fan. She watched All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital every day. I sat next to her mesmerized. Affairs, sex, alcohol, money, comas, amnesia, I loved it all! I was hooked!

In high school, as a junior and a senior, I arranged for early release so I could get home in time to catch the last 45 min of General Hospital. Luke and Laura were hot in those days. Everyone was watching. In college, I would watch in my room on my tiny black and white, but I preferred to watch in the student union, on the big color t.v. with the other fans at my school, mostly African Americans. All My Children actually had people of color, including Hispanics and Blacks. One Life to Live had one Jewish person. Other than that, there is just not a lot of diversity in the soap opera world. Anyway, the student union was my favorite place to watch because these fans were always talking and shouting to each other and the t.v. “Don’t kiss her! You know you’re going to get caught!” “He had her mom and her daughter? That’s not cool!” It was so much fun! When I went to England for a semester, I missed four months of my soap. No matter, the beauty of the soap is that you can pick it up again anytime and it will soon be as if you never left!

I never watch them with the kids. First of all, they are too young. Second, I really don’t want them to have this silly addiction. Typically, I watch them while the kids are in school/camp and I’m folding laundry, or trying to declutter. I watch them while I read the paper. I even watch them when I check my email. I will also catch up on them while Gadget Man watches a horror movie in the other room. He’s embarrassed for me. Frankly, I don’t reveal my soap-watching habit to just anyone. After all, they are pretty trashy. But hey, it is no more trashy than many popular prime time shows out there like Desperate Housewives, for example. Anyway, I’m back on the elliptical in the basement now, because it’s gotten too dark at 5 a.m. to walk outside (Yes, I get up at 5 a.m. to work out, when I work out that is!). I’ll catch up and exercise at the same time.


One Response to “Confession: I Love the Soaps”

  1. fellowsoapfan Says:

    Hi, glad I came across your blog. It’s always nice to run into a fellow soap fan! I’ll be stopping by again soon, thanks!

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