The Internet is a Beautiful Thing

Really! I had been reading about B vitamins and decided I might benefit from them. During today’s visit to Trader Joe’s (another beautiful thing) I purchased B-complex controlled release tablets. “Take 1-2 tablets in the morning with a meal” are the directions. Well, it is after noon and I haven’t had lunch yet, but I’ll go ahead and take two anyway. What could happen? They’re just vitamins. Ten minutes later I’m feeling a heat wave all over my skin. My skin is turning red. It feels like I’m baking, and I’m itchy all over, but I’m inside in the air conditioning. What is happening to me? I may have to call Gadget Man for help if this gets worse and I have to go to the ER. Wait a minute, let’s just check for vitamin B reactions online. It’s right here! The well-known (but not known to me) “Niacin Flush.” No need to call the doctor. I’m going to be ok. Thanks internet!


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