The Facts on Sarah Palin’s Speech

Click here to one of my sister blogger’s sites to see the Obama campaign’s official fact check on Palin’s convention speech. I know Republicans aren’t one to pay much attention to the facts these days, but perhaps they might be of interest to someone in this country, preferably a registered voter.


3 Responses to “The Facts on Sarah Palin’s Speech”

  1. Kari Says:

    Thanks for posting that! Have you seen this clip from the Daily Show showing some of the right wing media hypocrisy in their coverage of the VP choice? It’s pretty funny (and scary):

    If you don’t like clicking random links, just go to you tube and search “Daily Show Sarah Palin hypocrisy” and it should bring you to it.

  2. Ben in Dallas Says:

    Typical Left wong drivel. Brong the hate lefties!!!

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