Cabbage Patch Kids Are Back: A Team Mom Review

My old "preemie" and the new 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kid

Well, it is hard to believe, but the Cabbage Patch Kids are celebrating their 25th Anniversary. Hitting the shelves are limited edition anniversary Kids. According to the press release I received, over 115 MILLION Cabbage Patch Kids have been “adopted.” The new 25th Anniversary Kid is shown in the picture on the right. She is sitting next to my old Cabbage Patch Kid, a “preemie.” My preemie is no longer wearing her original outfit. I am 39 now, and yes, I still have my doll. Why? I don’t know! She even came to college with me and I bought her her own college t-shirt to wear. Yes, if you do the math, you will see that I was pretty old to own a Cabbage Patch Kid. Don’t ask my why, but my boyfriend gave me that preemie for Chanukah one year when I was fifteen! I didn’t know what the heck I was supposed to do w/a doll, but since she was soooo hard to get that year, I was supposed to be flattered that he went to a lot of trouble to secure it for me. Anyway, my preemie is still a cutie and my children play with her (though I think they have turned her into a boy at times). Now, I’m so glad she has a friend with a special 25th Anniversary Xavier Roberts signature on her tushie and her own silver spoon. If you want to visit with some more of these dolls, simply go here. You can share stories and memories of your own adorable little ones.


One Response to “Cabbage Patch Kids Are Back: A Team Mom Review”

  1. Cabbage Patch Dolls uk Says:

    I remember clearly my desperate want for a Cabbage Patch Kids doll back in 1983. I was really too old to play with dolls, but I got swept up in the craziness of the time. I remember my mom calling around to lots of stores and going to several. We finally found a Toys R Us that had a wait list. I don’t remember what number we were, but it seemed to take weeks and weeks for mine to come in. What was unfortunate tho was that once your number was called, you had no choice in picking which doll you wanted. They just handed you one. Perhaps because I was a bit too old to play with dolls or because I hadn’t gotten to pick mine out personally, I never really played with my Cabbage Patch Kids doll!

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