“Tax and Spend Democrats?” How Dare You!

I was talking with an old law school friend of mine the other day. We never agree on politics, but I couldn’t resist asking him what he thought of Sarah Palin. “I like her,” he stated matter of factly. “Why?” I had to ask. All I heard next was, “Blah . . . blah . . . blah . . . tax and spend Democrats . . . blah . . . blah.” I had to stop him short, I couldn’t let him go on. “Excuse me? Tax and spend Democrats you say? I’d rather have a ‘taxer and a spender’ than I would the current ‘spender and spender’ we have right now,” I exclaimed. “Well, yeah, I have to admit George W. has been spending a lot, I can’t defend it,” he mumbled.

I Want You to Stop Spending Too

I Want You to Stop Spending Too

I just can’t believe it. The Republicans, Conservatives, whatever they want to call themselves actually have the nerve to use that same old tired rhetoric. As I remember it, and go ahead and correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the William Jefferson Clinton administration balance the budget? What happened to that budget now? People, we are so far in the hole it has me scared to death. Just like the rest of America, the current administration has been busy spending money it doesn’t have and won’t be getting any time soon. Yeah, we not only have to bail out our fellow Americans who had to have that McMansion on a dime, but now our own country needs bailing out.

New Rule: Let’s all stop spending what we don’t have. That includes you Uncle Sam.


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