Sesame Street K’nex: A Team Mom Review

Team Mom sent me the Sesame Street Oscar Building Set from Kid K’nex. Eva (6) and Charlie (3) were super excited and broke it out of the box right away. The pieces all fit into Oscar’s garbage can. Once out, children are supposed to build Oscar in various ways. His cute side-kick worm Slimy also comes with the package. The children looked at the flyer in the package and requested that I buy them some more characters so that they will have more characters to play with Oscar. Other characters available are Burt and Ernie, Grover, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, and Cookie Monster. As I expected, my children grew bored of this after the first two days. The problem is, the toy is Oscar (and Slimy) and that’s it. While Oscar can be tall, short, and look like some funny variations of himself, that’s it. Although that cutie Slimy is hard to resist, I prefer the ordinary K’nex, which we have, because they don’t limit the child’s imagination to one character.


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