Thank You LeapFrog!

Recently, Eva, Charlie, Gadget Man and I attended a Chicago Moms Blog event sponsored by LeapFrog. They flew in two university professors who are on their developmental staff to talk about technology with the moms while the kids played. We were able to choose some LeapFrog products to take home. We chose one toy each. A Tag and the Leapster2. I had no desire to take home the Didj, which seems to have too many “shooting” games to go along with it (so far, we are a home with no war toys). The Tag is a wand that children can use to point to specially made books so that they can read along and play games with the book. The Leapster2 looks more like a Gameboy to me, but the children are having a ball looking for the right number in sequence, or learning Spanish with Dora the Explorer. I can’t say whether I would have purchased these toys myself. They are a bit pricey and I tend to shy away from toys that need batteries. However, I do have to say that I am very glad we have these two toys and the children are enjoying them immensely. In fact, they have been willing to forgo t.v. time to play with them! Thank you LeapFrog!


One Response to “Thank You LeapFrog!”

  1. madeaw Says:

    best toy thank you

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