The Flu Vaccine: Shot or Not?

Personally, I don’t get the flu shot anymore. EVERY time I got the flu shot, I got very sick (the flu) within days of it. My doctors always touted the party line, “The flu shot can’t give you the flu . . . blah, blah, blah.” However, what do I do about the kids? My mom has been calling me almost daily pestering me to take the kids in. Our pediatrician, on the other hand, has remained silent. Our Government has issued new guidelines this year, stating that all children from six months to age eighteen should get one. Last year, no one got flu shots in our family. That was fine, because the flu shot missed the mark and did not cover any of the flus going around last year. The good news is, there are a few non-mercury options for kids this year. The Dr. Sears family has outlined the options. As soon as Charlie is over his cold, I think I’ll bring the kids in. Maybe we’ll be able to get the mist and avoid the shot. I have to talk to the doc a bit more about it.


2 Responses to “The Flu Vaccine: Shot or Not?”

  1. feener Says:

    i HAD to get sass the flu shot b/c she is in preschool and NJ mandates it now for daycare and preschool – which is appalling !
    i am not getting it for FRASS b/c i don’t get it, and i am just starting to think about all the shots and shit in them.

  2. moodymommy Says:

    Feener, I am surprised to hear that flu shots are being mandated. I haven’t heard of that in IL yet, but I’m sure it is soon to come.

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