Studs Terkel: America’s Mirror

Studs Terkel died on Friday. If you don’t know who he was, now is the time to get to know him. The Chicago Tribune has an article paying tribute to him and WBEZ, our National Public Radio station, is replaying some of his interviews. As I was reading the 143 comments left so far on the Chicago Tribune website, I began to cry. Gadget Man laughed at me, “You met the guy once,” he snickered. I can’t talk to him about this. He said he has no interest in Studs Terkel. That was infuriating to me. That’s like saying, “I have no interest in Americans.” Anyway, I’m not feeling sorry for me (as I might when a good friend or a relative has died and I will miss them in my life), I’m feeling sorry for our country and for Chicago. Thank G-d he lived a long life and was able to give us so much. A few of the comments on the Tribune website summed him up our loss better than I could: B1c0516 wrote, “Chicago is a little less Chicago today.” Shannon, of Chicago said,”It’s like waking up and finding the lake gone.” Finally, Jeffrey Wagner of Sacramento California mourned, “G-d save us all, our mirror is broken.” If there is a G-d (and I believe there is), Studs is in heaven with his tape recorder in one hand and his wife’s hand in the other. Thank you Studs Terkel.


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