Rod Blagojevich: Resign or Get to Work

Blagojevich was on Good Morning America and The Viewtax-blago_140x105 today. He claims that if he resigns, it would be admitting he was guilty. No Mr. Blogojevich, it would mean you have the best interests of me and all your other Illinois citizens at heart. You don’t . All you care about is yourself, your reputation and your ego. If you are not guilty, let that play out in the courts. Illinois is badly in need of real leadership right now. I had such high hopes for you and even voted for you several times (you were even my rep when I lived in the city).  What have you done to get us some of the money Obama is putting out to create jobs and repair infrastructure? What have you done to help the people of Illinois lately? Oh, you are so proud that you ordered the CTA, which is on the verge of bankruptcy, to give free rides to senior citizens. Yeah, that was nice. You gave health care to children, very, very nice. Right now, you are useless. You are wasting our time by going on national television to defend yourself. We don’t need a public servant who has to defend himself. We need a public servant to do his job. Just get out, please!


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