I’ve Been Quite the Little Homemaker

homemaker1I’m feeling a bit like the “happy homemaker” lately. Yesterday, Charlie was under the weather with the gastrointestinal/ respiratory virus going around (coughing fits and diarrhea, yeah!). Anyway, I kept him home from school. After dropping Eva off at school (no bus b/c it was raining — yes, I spoil her sometimes), Charlie and I went to the post office to mail a package, then on to the doctor’s office for the official, “it’s a virus” diagnosis. When we got home, Charlie rested with a DVD while I got to work making my first batch of barley soup from scratch. Two hours and two loads of laundry later, the soup was ready to eat. I loved it and I felt very proud. One load of laundry went in while Charlie napped and I folded the first two loads. Then I met Eva at the bus and began dinner’s second course, sesame udon noodles with spinach (Martha Stewart’s recipe that I have tweaked over the years). Next, I made some chocolate frosting to top the extra cupcakes I had made for my cake decorating class.

Although these were all pretty mundane tasks, I have to say that at least I felt like I accomplished something. The laundry part doesn’t count because I never feel like I’ve accomplished something there. I can do a million loads and the next day the hampers all seem full. Anyway, I quit practicing law because it took years to accomplish anything. Being a mom, there are little rewards everyday: healthy yummy soup , satisfying noodles with leftovers and delicious organic cupcakes in the freezer to enjoy on a couple of Shabbats to come (typically, we only have candy/cake/cookies as a dessert on Shabbat). Of course, non of this day’s accomplishments were as important as getting back the pension for a couple hundred employees, but what I do matters to the four of us anyway.


One Response to “I’ve Been Quite the Little Homemaker”

  1. dirty mouth mama Says:

    Great little post.

    I rarely cook because my husband handles that, but I do know the feeling of getting stuff done. It feels so rewarding.

    Thanks for writing.

    Ms. Mama

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