More Evidence Our Medical System is Broken

Do we need any more evidence that our medical system is broken?  No, but of course we have some anyway, and it’s a doozie!  A sting was conducted on those independent companies responsible for approving new medical devices.  I’ll just say one thing and let you check it out for yourself with a more reliable source, the Wall Street Journal (if we can call anything reliable anymore).  The head board member of the fictitious study was a dead dog.


Where the “F” Have I Been?

I’ve been sick, sick, sick. I’m feeling better now. I had a monster sinus infection that put me out for two weeks. I’m just getting back in the swing of things and all the crap I have to attend to that was ignored. I’ve got Passover coming up, Eva’s birthday celebrations (yes, there are two, one for the family and one for her little friends) and then a trip out East to get ready. I’m slowly working on a post for Chicago Moms Blog about being sick and all that. It may be a while before I post anything more. Sorry. (Addendum:  Here is the Chicago Moms Blog post about my monster sinus infection, “Caretaker for the SAHM” Gadget Man pointed out it was boring and not my best work, but hey, I was sick okay?!?)

Toy Review: Dream Box Math Game Online

stellacarnivalAs a Chicago Moms Blog contributor, I get some pretty cool perks. One of them was a chance for my kids to try out Dream Box, an new online math video game for preschoolers through second grade. Since both my children fall into this range, everyone got to enjoy it (and we all know how much my children like to play video games). My first grader likes the games on Dream Box because there are mermaids and pixies. She says the games make math fun. My preschooler likes Dream Box because once you earn tokens for completing math games, you get to play carnival games like skeet ball and a game where you have to fit a certain number of farm animals in a pen.

I like the games because the graphics are beautiful with soothing colors (no bright lights and loud obnoxious noises) and the rewards are unique such as a chance to clean up a polluted ocean or giving a plant enough water to make a flower grow tall. Furthermore, there is even a special trial set up for parents so that they can learn how to do the games and see what the children will be doing before they have to do it themselves. One caveat, I found some of the math games to be way too difficult for my preschooler. For example, one of the games asks the child to put double digit numbers in order. I have to sit down and help him since he has just learned to recognize single digits. If you are reading this, then YOU are lucky because now that you know about Dream Box, you can go to the website and try it for two weeks, free!  Oh, and then come back here and let me know what you think!