Where the “F” Have I Been?

I’ve been sick, sick, sick. I’m feeling better now. I had a monster sinus infection that put me out for two weeks. I’m just getting back in the swing of things and all the crap I have to attend to that was ignored. I’ve got Passover coming up, Eva’s birthday celebrations (yes, there are two, one for the family and one for her little friends) and then a trip out East to get ready. I’m slowly working on a post for Chicago Moms Blog about being sick and all that. It may be a while before I post anything more. Sorry. (Addendum:  Here is the Chicago Moms Blog post about my monster sinus infection, “Caretaker for the SAHM” Gadget Man pointed out it was boring and not my best work, but hey, I was sick okay?!?)


3 Responses to “Where the “F” Have I Been?”

  1. Ruth Says:

    Does PMDD stand for Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder?

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