Turn Off Your TV Week, I’m Outta Here

tvturnoffnetwrklogoEva’s school asked us to participate in the National Turn Off Your TV Week from April 20-24th. They also asked us not to allow computer, video games or any other screen time. Since we are participating, you won’t get a post from me unless there is something REALLY pressing and I can write about it while the kiddies are asleep. If you do participate, let me know what you are planning to do. I’m not sure I can make 5 days w/out putting the kids in front of the t.v.


Free Roxana Saberi

roxana-saberi-2I have been following the plight of reporter Roxana Saberi, who holds dual citizenship with the U.S. and Iran. She is being held in Iran and has just been convicted of espionage and sentenced to eight years. I don’t know her, and although I am sure the U.S. has spies in the Middle East (probably not very good ones, I suspect), I’m pretty sure that Saberi is not a spy. She could hardly fly under the radar as she was and is a well-known reporter for National Public Radio and other popular broadcast networks. According to her father, who is in Iran now trying to free her, she has the right to appeal. Saberi, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong, and come home soon.

Meet Isa

isaimg_0322Isa is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Please read about her family struggles and see what you can do to help. Children should never have to suffer.

Gun Toting Birthday Boy

cowboy_clipartPlease read my latest post at Chicago Moms Blog about my friend’s Lazer Zone birthday party, violent toys and the upcoming 10 year Anniversary of the Columbine Massacre here.

Read My CMB Post: Caretaker for the SAHM

My post on Chicago Moms Blog about being sick, “Caretaker for the SAHM” is up. Read it! Oh and check out the rest of the articles too.

The Loss of a Child is Always Unfair

One of my “sister” bloggers at LA Moms Blogmaddie just lost her daughter. At these times, I have a hard time believing that G-d cares about us, that G-d is watching us, and that G-d is all-powerful. I have been struggling with these alleged characteristics of G-d for a long time. I just can’t love a G-d that allows children and other innocents to suffer. I am fine with thanking G-d for all of my blessings. I feel that my life is very blessed. But when I look back in history or I look at the suffering that is going on today, I just can’ t believe that an all-knowing, all-powerful, merciful G-d exists among all this. Don’t even start with that crap that “G-d works in mysterious ways . . . ” and that “we just aren’t meant to understand it . . .” No matter what G-d’s reason is for this kind of suffering, I can’t love G-d for it. I can be thankful to G-d for my own blessings, but I can’t sing praises as long as this kind of suffering continues.