The Loss of a Child is Always Unfair

One of my “sister” bloggers at LA Moms Blogmaddie just lost her daughter. At these times, I have a hard time believing that G-d cares about us, that G-d is watching us, and that G-d is all-powerful. I have been struggling with these alleged characteristics of G-d for a long time. I just can’t love a G-d that allows children and other innocents to suffer. I am fine with thanking G-d for all of my blessings. I feel that my life is very blessed. But when I look back in history or I look at the suffering that is going on today, I just can’ t believe that an all-knowing, all-powerful, merciful G-d exists among all this. Don’t even start with that crap that “G-d works in mysterious ways . . . ” and that “we just aren’t meant to understand it . . .” No matter what G-d’s reason is for this kind of suffering, I can’t love G-d for it. I can be thankful to G-d for my own blessings, but I can’t sing praises as long as this kind of suffering continues.


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