Lyme Disease: How an Innocent Frolic in the Woods Can Go Terribly Wrong

deertickEva came home with an ugly little tick attached to her foot this Memorial Day Weekend. Read how my family and I freaked out and coped with the idea of contracting Lyme Disease by going here for my post on Chicago Moms Blog.


Say Bye Bye to the Health Care Insurance Industry, PLEASE

medical_clipart_stethoscopeIt is time for a Single Payer Healthcare System. Obama promised us something good when it came to health care, but he wants to keep the insurance companies satisfied. He’s selling out already. He admitted that if he were “starting from scratch” this is the kind of health care system we would have. Let’s start from scratch and kick those insurance companies to the curb. Lets see those kahones of yours Mr. President! I’ve been praying and voting for health care for everyone for as long as I can remember (no thanks to the Clintons, who promised universal coverage and failed). After watching a wonderful interview by Bill Moyers, I was convinced that the single payer system is the way to go. Read the transcript if you can’t watch the video. All of your questions are addressed candidly such as: Will there be long lines to see the doctor?” (Maybe. All docs will remain private, but there may be some longer waits for some of us) and “Won’t the government be deciding our medical care? (No. The doctors will be back in charge of treatment, not the insurance companies or the government. In fact, many doctors are already in favor of this plan because it will mean they can get back to treating patients instead of figuring out loopholes in insurance claims). Will it cost us more? (No. In fact, 95% of Americans will be paying less for medical care, and we’ll all have it!) The insurance companies are for-profit administrative jungles designed to deny us health care. That is the best way they make money. The billions and billions of our money put toward their administrative entanglements will go directly to medical care. Our libraries, police and fire stations are already functioning well under this same system. We need it now! The biggest problem is getting rid of the insurance industry altogether and this is precisely why this better system is not even being considered! This is wrong! Tell your representatives to put Single Payer on the table!!!

Thank You Merck, But Can’t You Speed It Up?

I just found out that for those of us (me included) who want to separate the MMR Vaccinemedical_clipart_syringe, it will again be available as separate vaccines in 2011. Thank goodness my children got their separate vaccines, but what about those children who need the vaccine now? As the parent, you’ll have to weigh the risks of waiting two years. I’m sorry you have to make that decision. Too bad Merck (the pharmaceutical company that produces the MMR) can’t speed it up a little! Feel free to contact them, 1800-672-6372

Saberi is Free!

Just heard the good news, Roxana Saberi was freed!  I hope she comes home and NEVER returns to that ungrateful country!