How Many DUIs Does It Take?

drunkI have a really big problem with anyone who drives drunk, and an even bigger problem with the law enforcement powers that be and the laws that apply to drunk drivers. I’m no tee tottler, I enjoy a drink or two or three once in a while. However, unless I’m having a big dinner along with the glass of wine, I won’t drive myself home even after one drink. I have been this way my whole life. In high school, I didn’t drink and I was often the designated driver. By the time I really enjoyed a good buzz, I was in college and walked everywhere I needed to go. Hop in a car for a trip to the local diner for a late night Nick’s plate? No thank you (even though I did enjoy them back in my meat eating college days), I’ll have a snack here on campus.

Why am I so bent out of shape today? Well, it is Arturo Carbajal. Although he had been charged six times with drunk driving (four misdemeanor convictions) and sentenced to six years in 2007, somehow he was out and drinking, driving and crashing again last week. You coward, you even ran from the scene!

Why is it that drug users, ones that were not driving and using, and only hurting themselves, are stuck in jail, while drunk drivers get out from a six year sentence in less than two years? A drunk driver killed my sister-in-law’s grandmother before she had a chance to become a great-grandma. Drunk drivers are the scourge of the earth and should not be given the number of chances they are afforded. Hey driver, if you can’t stop drinking and driving, then you need to be locked up and stay locked up!


What Will I Be When I Die: Hopefully a Tree!

You can plant a tree in honor or in memory of loved ones, but I'd rather become one myself.

You can plant a tree in honor or in memory of loved ones, but I'd rather become one myself.

See my latest post on Chicago Moms Blog, I Want to Become a Tree.  Here, I talk about Jewish burying rituals and green burials.  Oh, and check out what my sister bloggers have to say too!

Mommy and Healthy Cook Tamara Davis Rocks!

Make Me Something Good To Eat:  Tamara Davis' Cookbook

Make Me Something Good To Eat: Tamara Davis' Cookbook

I just discovered this online cooking show created by Tamara Davis (wife of Beastie Boy Mike D.) and, like her husband, she rocks! She has a cookbook out too. Check out her yummy online show and start cooking healthy food w/your kids. I’m going to try the spinach and ricotta ravioli w/my children. We already love the one from Trader Joe’s but oh how I wish it could be organic cheese and organic spinach. If we make it ourselves, it will be! Thanks Tamara! Oh, and I’m adding you to my blogroll so I never miss a show.

Jews Should be Vegetarians

Plug in "Kosher" on PETA's website to get the facts

Plug in "Kosher" on PETA's website to get the facts

I read this article a long time ago (3 years?), but I wanted to bring it some more attention. Richard H. Schwartz argues that Vegetarianism is a Jewish Value. I completely agree (though I still eat fish, I’m not that proud of it and perhaps someday I’ll stop). Indeed, even if all efforts are made to kill the animal humanely, there seems to be a “loophole” in the Kosher laws that says nothing about how an animal is kept.

PETA's Website will give you the facts

PETA's Website will give you the facts

I’m not sure Jews who keep Kosher know this or really care, but since there are no requirements regarding how an animal to be served Kosher is raised and kept, the conditions are oftentimes just as atrocious as non-Kosher meat and poultry. I’ve gone on before about how just there mere raising of cattle does tremendous damage to the earth G-d left us to care for.