How Many DUIs Does It Take?

drunkI have a really big problem with anyone who drives drunk, and an even bigger problem with the law enforcement powers that be and the laws that apply to drunk drivers. I’m no tee tottler, I enjoy a drink or two or three once in a while. However, unless I’m having a big dinner along with the glass of wine, I won’t drive myself home even after one drink. I have been this way my whole life. In high school, I didn’t drink and I was often the designated driver. By the time I really enjoyed a good buzz, I was in college and walked everywhere I needed to go. Hop in a car for a trip to the local diner for a late night Nick’s plate? No thank you (even though I did enjoy them back in my meat eating college days), I’ll have a snack here on campus.

Why am I so bent out of shape today? Well, it is Arturo Carbajal. Although he had been charged six times with drunk driving (four misdemeanor convictions) and sentenced to six years in 2007, somehow he was out and drinking, driving and crashing again last week. You coward, you even ran from the scene!

Why is it that drug users, ones that were not driving and using, and only hurting themselves, are stuck in jail, while drunk drivers get out from a six year sentence in less than two years? A drunk driver killed my sister-in-law’s grandmother before she had a chance to become a great-grandma. Drunk drivers are the scourge of the earth and should not be given the number of chances they are afforded. Hey driver, if you can’t stop drinking and driving, then you need to be locked up and stay locked up!


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