My Family Has Been Picked Off the Family Tree

Read my latest post on Chicago Moms Blog here regarding my feelings about my brother-in-law and his wife who have decided to cease all communication with us, including Eva and Charlie. The latest is they sent back the Christmas gifts and birthday present we dropped off for my young nieces. Now they have me wondering, did they tell them we died? How are they explaining our absence from a birthday party and holiday celebrations? When my husband, Eva, Charlie and I were confronted with the returned gifts on our doorstep as we left to see the Nutcracker Ballet this Sunday, naturally we were bombarded with questions, “Why are these presents for our cousins back here again?” We were forced to try to explain that “Daddy’s brother is angry at Daddy right now and he’s not considering other people’s feelings.” However, getting these presents back was heart-wrenching for all of us and I’m going to need to “let it go” as my mom and dad have been advising me. If someone is so warped and twisted that they would involve children in an adult dispute then perhaps it is best we distance ourselves from them as well. We’re all sad and angry and we hope they will choose to take us back into their hearts soon.


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