About the Moody Mommy


This blog and the anonymity has been severely compromised and much of the posts are now private.  I am currently deciding whether to continue blogging after three years . . .


8 Responses to “About the Moody Mommy”

  1. shanoboy Says:

    I really can’t relate to you on most of the things you write but I really like reading little bits and pieces of your blog for some reason.

    I’m a 25 year old guy who works in the IT industry. I live in the Northwest Atlanta area and I have no kids, but I do have an awesome wife.

    I think your take on life is usually a bit refreshing and different from what I’m used to. After all, I do live in the middle of the Bible belt. Here we’re a pretty homogeneous group.

    Anyway, I figured you’d like to know someone out there is actually reading every now and then! So cheers!

  2. moodymommy Says:

    Thank you for reading. I have been so busy, I haven’t had much time to add to the blog lately. It is so nice to hear a man say he has an “awesome wife.” I hope you tell her that often!

  3. Rob Fleming Says:

    Hey there Moody Mommy,

    I do enjoy your writing although as the male half I may from time to time agree not to agree with you..lol

    Somone once told me there are 3 sides of a story.

    Her side
    His side
    The truth

    I’ve added you to my blogroll and hope you’ll check out my blog and comment/read


  4. Cynthia Says:

    Hi Moody Mommy, I came across your site tonight when I googled, “how can I get my kid to take her medicine?” There were some good suggestions on the blog but I was really just secretly so happy that there were so many others with the same problem, is that horrible? hee hee

    When trolling the blog I saw something subtitled, “PMDD made me do it.” I was diagnosed with PMDD about 6 years ago, although I am positive I have had it since puberty. It has been a struggle to say the least but I have at last found my remedy. I have tried every kind of SSRI, every birth control and therapy available. Some things worked better than others but no one offered me a solution to the chemical imbalance, they only offered Zoloft, Effexor, Prozac to make me less “crazy,” instead of not at all crazy.

    After talking with my Dad (an OBGYN) and then my own doctor and a NP friend of mine about the progesterone imbalance that causes PMDD I started to wonder why wasn’t I taking progesterone. So after talking with these same doctors and some other friends I started to take a progesterone supplement.

    Since January 2008 I have not yelled at my kids once, or cried about my husband. I have not been utterly exhausted at even the idea of unloading the dishwasher or folding clothes. I have felt secure and at peace with relationships with other people. I have not had unrelenting food cravings or absolute hunger that had driven me to clean all the plates left on the table. I have not had the migraine headache I have had every 28 days for the last 20 years since January. I have a libido again. I joked with my husband that I lost my libido in the bottom of my prozac bottle a few years ago and since then it has tried to come back (oh how it has tried) but never quite made it until this year. He is happy, but I am hmmmm, WAHOO is the word that comes to mind.

    I ordered an ebook from a doctor in my home state that specializes in PMDD and migraines. I am a thank the good Lord in Heaven for the miracles of modern medicine kind of girl rather than the chiropractors can cure anything kind and let me tell you this I am whole again because of this doctor and his research.

    His website is basic and even a little cheesy but I was told by all the other practioners that taking progesterone would not hurt, so I took a chance and started a supplement.

    http://www.pmscure.com is the site. Hope this helps at all.

  5. moodymommy Says:

    Oh Cynthia, I’m glad progesterone worked for you. However, PMDD is NOT A HORMONAL IMBALANCE, it is a sensitivity to hormonal fluctuations. If you have been diagnosed w/a progesterone deficiency, this is not PMDD. Before I went to a shrink, my OB/GYN put me on progesterone, thinking it would help. It was during that time when my depression spiraled out of control and I tried to take my life. I have seen two shrinks and they both say that progesterone is a big “no no” for treating PMDD b/c it can increase depression, as it did for me. The first thing the shrink did was take me off the progesterone immediately! OB/GYNs often make this common mistake and it drives shrinks crazy (pun intended). Anyway, it doesn’t really matter whether you have PMDD or what you have. What matters is that you found something that worked for you.

  6. dirty mouth mama Says:

    Thanks for the reply to Cynthia. Love the information, it could be quite important to know the difference.

  7. Cary Chugh Says:

    Hi Sophia,

    I was reading your old review of 1-2-3 Magic and I thought you might be interested in some new ideas on working with challenging kids. I am a clinical child psychologist and I just released my first (and hopefully only) book that re-interprets basic behavioral research in such a way as to enhance the types of rewards and punishments most parents, teachers, and professionals use. It’s called Don’t Swear with Your Mouth Full! When conventional discipline fails unconventional children and it explains why the typical strategies used in most settings are technically flawed. I then spell out an easier method of discipline called “behavior-limited discipline” that has not been written about before and has been receiving great reviews so far. It was endorsed by Thomas Phelan (1-2-3 Magic).

    I am starting research on this new approach this fall and we are using this book as the treatment manual. Let me know if you you’re interested and I’ll send out a review copy tomorrow.



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